Monte Verità

Monte Verità

World premiere: Locarno Film Festival 2021, Piazza Grande

1906: a time of upheaval. Society is marked by fear and hope. The first dropouts – among whom is the young Hermann Hesse – search for their paradise and find it in southern Switzerland, at Monte Verità. The reformers shed not only their clothes but also the mental corset that threatens to strangle society. The young mother, Hanna Leitner, is also drawn to Ascona to escape her middle-class life. Torn between feelings of guilt toward the family she left behind and the fascination of a life of self-determination, Hanna discovers not only her passion for the art of photography but also finds – in the middle of the idyllic landscape – her own voice.

MONTE VERITÀ tells the story of a brave woman, who, tortured by her inner conflict, finds her own way. This historical drama, based on true events, gives rise to the – unfortunately still very current – question of how much self-determination a woman is allowed to have in her life without being criticized by society.

Switzerland, Austria, Germany / 2021 / 116'

Stefan Jägerv
Kornelija Naraks
Katrin Renz
KGP Filmproduktion, Coin Film, MMC Movies Köln, RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera/SRG SSR, Blue
Barbara Pichler, Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Christine Kiauk, Herbert Schwering , Bastie Griese, Jens Wolf, Alessandro Marcionni, Patrick Gantner
Production Design
Katharina Wöppermann, Nina Mader
Daniela Knapp
Noemi Preiswerk
Sound Design
Gina Keller
Volker Bertelmann
Veronika Albert
Maresi Riegner, Max Hubacher, Julia Jentsch, Hannah Herzsprung, Joel Basman, Philipp Hauss
International Sales
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