Michelin Stars II: Nordic by Nature

Michelin Stars II: Nordic by Nature

World premiere: San Sebastian Film Festival 2021 / Culinary Zinema

How do you run a top-notch restaurant at the end of the world?

The Faroe Islands are an ancient microcosmos of exciting products, Nordic history, tales, 37 words for fog and even more for fermentation, a thriving seafood industry, ravishing waterfalls, eccentric personalities, a native tongue - and then they have the culinary pearl, 2-Star Michelin restaurant KOKS.

In a world before COVID-19, people gladly took on the long journey north to dine at KOKS. Here, the cuisine is based on just 500 square miles of local produce in a terrain that is rugged, the climate subpolar - windy, wet, cloudy, and cool, temperatures average above freezing throughout the year, with an everlasting light in the summer, but a scorching darkness all through winter. 

In MICHELIN STARS II: NORDIC BY NATURE we dive into the poetic mind of a Faroese chef, and seek to find the traditions, history and distinctive ancient practices that lie beneath the most remote fine dining experience in the world.

MICHELIN STARS II: NORDIC BY NATURE comes after the first film in the series, MICHELIN STARS: TALES FROM THE KITCHEN, premiered at San Sebastian in 2017.