Feature Film About Life

Feature Film About Life

World premiere: Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2021 / First Feature Competition

The first full-length film from celebrated shorts director Dovilė Šarutytė (previous winner at both the Lithuanian Film Academy Awards and The Young Cinema Art Festival), ‘Feature Film About Life’ is a tender and atmospheric study of the aftermath of grief, artfully taking place against the wintry landscape of the director’s home country of Lithuania.

The life of a young woman named Dovilė is unexpectedly upended when she receives the news of the death of her father following a tragic accident. Immediately and with little time to mourn their relationship, she returns home in order to assist her loving but tightly-wound mother in arranging the upcoming funeral. 

Focusing intensely on the process, the involvement of various contractors and family members leads Dovilė into a number of strange, tragicomic situations across the span of the death industry, dealing with professionals ranging from caterers to cremation technicians. Throughout this surreal, melancholy administration, Dovilė’s childhood memories begin to catch up with her. Her father may have passed, yet suddenly, in memoriam, he seems to be more alive than before.

‘Feature Film About Life’ elegantly blends Šarutytė’s intimate archive of footage shot by her own father in the late eighties and early nineties with the dramatic flourishes of an original narrative, unfolding an intriguing and humane interpretation of auto-fiction. As ‘Feature Film About Life’ progresses, Šarutytė empathetically turns a story about death into an honourable and universal study of those still living and thriving.

Lithuania / 2021 / 97'