bluish - main still


World premiere: FIDMarseille 2024 / International Competition

Errol and Sasha, two somewhat disoriented characters in their twenties, are each aimlessly drifting through a city's gloomy winter days. Whilst casting a soft gaze on fragments of their everyday lives, people, stories, places and realities start to overlap and intertwine. bluish describes a fragile state of being, a condition or rather an atmosphere of ambiguity and longing. 

In October 2023, bluish received the Screen International Award at the C EU Soon work-in-progress programme at Rome’s MIA Market. 

bluish is produced by Lixi Frank and David Bohun for Vienna based Panama Film (The Trouble With Being Born, Berlinale Encounters Special Jury Award 2020; coproducer Universal Theory by Timm Kröger, Venice Competition, 2023). 

A FILM BY Milena Czernovsky and Lilith Kraxner | Austria, 2024, 83’­