World premiere: CPH:DOX 2021 - NEXT:WAVE Award
North American premiere: Hot Docs 2021 - World Showcase

At the start of the summer season Ismail and Hakan start working in Nashira Resort, a gigantic all-inclusive hotel at the Turkish Riviera. Ismail is 18 and dropped out of school to earn money for his family.

He dreams of working as a hairdresser, but is employed as a kitchen porter at the hotel. Hakan is 25 and the youngest of 12 children. He quit his studies and hopes to overcome his social anxiety in the hotel. He will work as a lifeguard at the aquapark of the hotel. Both have come to the hotel business to move ahead in life and to learn English.

At first both young men are very shy and avoid all contact with the hotel guests. They have learned to be respectful to others and they understand their position. They observe the colourful swimsuits, the unemptied plates, the different ways of addressing other people, and gradually discover the sorts of opportunities that come with them.

As the friendship between Ismail and Hakan grows stronger, it becomes clear how different they are. Watching the guests from behind his buffet, Ismail’s appetite to discover the Western world only seems to increase. But Hakan struggles to be ‘the nobody’ the hotel business demands him to be. In vain, he tries to discuss Pushkin and Dostoyevsky with the Russian tourists. Is it at all possible to set your identity aside for the sake of money? And who can be an example to whom?

By following Ismail and Hakan during 2 summers in the hotel, ALL-IN explores the loss of innocence against the backdrop of a fading European dream. Initial kindness turns into indifference as Ismail and Hakan’s initiation into the absurd world of Western tourism soon leads them to ask: which dreams are really worth aspiring to?

Directed by
Volkan Üce
Ismail Daşdöǧen & Hakan Hoşcan
Director of photography
Joachim Philippe
Sound engineer
Gedeon Depauw
Els Voorspoels
Editor consultants
Rough Cut Service
Mark Glynne
Original music
David Boulter, Darius Timmer
Emmy Oost, Magalie Dierick
Production company
Cassette for timescapes (BE)
HALAL (NL), Little Big Story (FR), Magellan Films (BE), Onomatopee Films (BE)
In co-production with
In association with
France Televisions
With the support of
Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Netherlands Film Fund, CoBO Fund, Belgian Development Cooperation, Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Creative Europe MEDIA of the European Union, the Pascal Decroos Fund, PROCIREP so
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